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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Time to Catch Up - SEPTEMBER 2017

 Abby jumped right into volleyball at her school, playing on a varsity team although she is only in 6th grade.  She is competitive and athletic, perfect for volleyball and her winter sport of basketball.

By early September, Gabby was seeing a boy from Wyandotte Roosevelt, who played football (#58).  It was inevitable that his and Gabby's Dad's team would be playing against each other.  Unfortunately, Gabby had a volleyball game that afternoon and sister Abby was the photographer at Wyandotte.  Also, unfortunately, Carlson lost that game and a subsequent rematch a month later. 

Later in September Gabby's school's homecoming and dance were the same night as her date's.  They chose to go to the Wyandotte dance.  Both families got together at Bishop Park along with a ton of other families to take photos of the kids and, for most, their first dressy dance.  Later that night Gabby said it was The Best night of her life.

The parents posed with both kids and even the 3 grandmothers got into the photos.


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