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Monday, March 5, 2007

A Brush Fire and My Buddies

How can you be interested in the Flora and Fauna in Florida without getting a cold chill when you look at the sky and see this? All year the conditions have been dry...way below normal rainfall. While this is great for the beach and the tourists, no one WANTS to see brush fires. The dryness of the brush is as much a part of the weather report as sunshine and temperatures. The photo above was from the yard, but was miles away. It didn't even get a mention on the news.
Who are my two buddies? I heard this squeaky, chirpy call and looked out to see the Great Egret and the Wood Stork from yesterday looking for me. They looked SO ready to play or something that I just had to go out and talk to them. Now I am updating the blog and they are still standing there. I will go out in a minute and go down to the bench by the water. I know they will follow me. What do they want? They CAN'T consider me a companion...could they?


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