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Thursday, March 1, 2007


Maybe not "paradise" for everything. About 10:30 last night a sound came across the little bay of the lake. It could have been a cat, but something louder than a housecat was in trouble. Well, the island is a wildlife preserve and such sounds are not all that rare.

This morning I looked out the window and 6 or so of those big black vultures with white on the wing tips were swarming all over something and more birds circling in the air. They were tearing something up.

What was that sound? What animal was in trouble? What killed it?

I don't think it was the alligator because he would have consumed his prey or pulled it underwater to save for later. He certainly wouldn't have wasted anything. As big as he is (guessing around 11-12 feet) he needs food, not sport-killing.

Mysteries back home center on whether or not an eagle got my housecat 3 years ago. This is so much more exotic.


Katie said...

Wow, those are some beautiful pictures! I would really like for Gabby to see them. Could you read it to her once you get home? If not I'd like to when I visit. Very attractive birds, and great shots!

Joan said...

Laura Lou,
Your photos are awesome. I am so impress on all the different birds and animals that you have been able to get their photos. Great photography!
I enjoyed your blog very much.

Katie said...

More crazy bird pics. awesome. God has some sense of humor, huh?

Joan Fricker said...

Your blog looks wonderful Laura!
I love all the new additions you have added since I last saw it.
Great job as usual! Joan

Alex Vorn said...

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Alex Vorn said...

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