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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pelicans...Lessons in Humor

From time to time during the day I wander outside or to the edge of the lake just to see what might be happening. Nature is so rich here that there is almost always something to photograph. This afternoon was no different. I looked down around the bend of the lake and noticed a flock of Cattle Egrets gathered around a couple of decorative stone pelicans. It just amused me. I HAD to sneak down and get a snapshot of this strange group of birds.
A little later, before I even had time to download the photos from the afternoon, a neighbor sent word that he had a pelican at his house. It seems the neighborhood knows I am interested in whatever happens around here. In 5 years living here for the winters, I have never seen a pelican on this lake. They are all over the Indian River Lagoon, less than a mile away, but never seemed to wander here.

But here this fellow was. Now you have to understand, this was not a quiet, porch. Active building has been going on all week. There is sawing hammering and a radio playing energetically. What attracted the pelican to a place that was so busy? Who knows? I am sure the mind of a pelican is a strange place.


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