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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Musical Nest

No, we aren't hearing music from the bird nests on the wildlife preserve island in the middle of our lake. Two years ago I blogged about the wonderful nest an Osprey pair built at the top of the cell phone tower across the bay from the house. I fantasized about being in that nest and seeing across the Indian River, across the beaches, and to the ocean.

Then in 2008, a pair of owls, who nest earlier than the Osprey, grabbed the nest and we watched as they raised two little owlets. Lots of photos, but at that distance, nothing very good...even with a 300mm lens.

This year the Osprey are back and in their nest. You can just see the wing at the left of the tower as she settles into her home again. All of this is just amazing to watch. Within a week or so we may start hearing the little Osprey like we did in 2007.

I wonder where the owls went.

No...that is the other Osprey(on the right) flying in to join his mate at the nest.

Brush fires are a real scourge in Florida. Last year we watched as one went out of control in the same place as this one seems to be. The news, however, mentioned several controlled burns conducted by the municipalities, to keep wildfires from starting. Last year was a bad one for fires, with one responsible for a many-car pileup on the Beach Line Highway.
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