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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something New

Once again, as we drove South for the winter, I wondered if we had seen it all or if we would find ANYTHING new.

HA! Our neighbor now belongs to an Organic Farm Co-op. He invited us to go and look around Sunday when he put in his time working on the farm. I had a great time taking photos. Yes...something new.
The food in the store looked so fresh and good...all grown right there. The Organic Eggs, the Organic Mixed Greens, some of the juices...all looked like great additions to my diet. We need to look into the store a little more.
There is a big white Cockatoo that was peering at me through the cage and through the lattice walls of the store. This photo was begging to be taken.
As we drove off we could see the co-op farm workers putting in their time weeding and cultivating some of the crops.
The farm owners live across the road above the barn. This was one of the nicest farms we have seen down here.


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