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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grouper Ruben Sandwich, fries and beer. Not MY lunch but mine was just as fattening.

My friends and family know that I have been on a quest to loose extra pounds since my 70th birthday. I anticipated the new wardrobe I would have to buy, but I am not done loosing, yet. Do I buy nice things only to have to give them away when I loose the next size? Or just buy cheap clothing to "see me over" and get the good clothes when I reach my goal. I chose to buy a few better pieces. My son has an acquaintance loosing weight, too, and she is a size bigger so it will all pass down to her IF we both continue toward our goals.

Well, to my surprise, there are other strange effects to loosing weight. My shoes are too big. I had to buy new ones half a size smaller and narrow. There are cuter styles in the smaller size. I wonder where this will end?

I am cold! The cold in Michigan was not as unbearable to me when I was heavier. This year I kept myself wrapped in an electric afghan covered with a small, fluffy quilt. Even in Florida I have been snugged down in the quilt every time the temperature dips below 50 degrees. I didn't notice the cold as much when I had that layer of insulation I lost this year.

Meanwhile, I am struggling to back get on the loosing track, but it is hard with all the wonderful places to eat in Florida. We have company rather often and we want to take them out. Finding appropriate items on the menu is nearly impossible.


Teresa said...

Keep it up LL!

I'm chilled all of the time but would so much rather deal with the cold than the alternative. Women in my family have struggled for generations with weight and I refuse to be part of that.

When you get back, you'll have to show me all those new cute shoes. I LOVE SHOES!!

hiccup42 said...

Well done on losing the weight! my eating out is severely restricted or i'll have to buy a new wardrobe a size bigger!!
Also, I'm always cold, but you get used to it :)

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