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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold Survey of the Area

Back to our old habit of driving along Indian River Drive and sitting at the park watching the wildlife.  When we went past the first time this Osprey was finishing his "lunch".  With the cold weather, the birds and animals are a little lethargic, but half an hour later he was still there so I figured he wanted his picture taken.  Glad to oblige.
We also watched 3 dolphins lazily rolling in the lagoon a few yards off the shore.  Looked like an adult and 2 babies.  No pictures, though.

Most interesting was the lack of pelicans.  Terns and seagulls were flying and active, but there are usually hundreds of pelicans, especially around the fishery.  The news mentioned that with the cold the pelicans were starving and stressed, but the wildlife resources are stretched thin, as it is, with the fight to save the green turtles and manatees.  I will be watching the news tonight to  follow the fight.  The manatee are flocking into warm streams and springs but there isn't enough food for them in those huge numbers and it is against the law for people to feed them.  Fortunately there are a lot of environmentalists in Florida and they are mobilized in huge numbers this week.
Next we went over the Wabasso causeway to take a peek at the ocean.  We are so happy to see the causeway rebuild is finished.  Even more happy to use the new beach boardwalk.  I HAD to take these two pictures showing that it is perspective.  Both were taken in the same 5 minute period and at the same place.
Surfers will surf any time!
On the way back to the mainland we passed an entrance to a beautiful community with some awesome landscaping at the entrance.  This time it was all pink geraniums and, I think, Phlox.


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