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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hacking at the Jungle Growth

All my life there has been a rhythm to the way things grow.  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Now there is a winter of facing plants that grow 12 months a year...grow BIG and FAST.  Probably the most dramatic is a big Monstera Philodendron just outside the screen house around the pool.
This is how it looked when we started today.  Weeds underneath had pushed through the screen.  The big leaves of the "Monster" were right up against the screen, threatening to bend it inward.  We had Cloudy and 77 degrees for working.
Here it is after an hour or so of work by us both.  And...
Here is most of the debris.  Thank goodness for curbside pick-up.

This planting bed along the screen house was my "better idea" several years ago but the only plants that survived the freeze are ones I wanted to remove this year anyway.
  Now I am thinking about just removing all of it.  I am so past trying to save every plant.  The reddish/green plants in the foreground is the same plant my mother and I babied as house plants in the North.  I guess I am over that and ready to pull these all out.  Given the sand in which they are planted, pulling them out should take about 30 minutes.
Hard work deserves some perks so we cleaned and filled the Jacuzzi.  I am sure it won't be hot until tomorrow night but ummmmmmmm, that WILL feel good!!!


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