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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life's Little Mysteries

At first I thought this was just some repair to the pipes coming up from the lake...pipes to the watering system that uses lake water
However on closer look, and a little thought about that house being empty for 2 years, now, and I saw that these are EGGS. But WHAT would climb the PVC to lay those eggs. Certainly not a turtle. A frog? Some kind of weird fish? I probably never WILL know.
We see a fair number of Anhingas (Snakebirds) in and around the lake, but not so many Cormorants. Early this year we saw a real flock of Cormorants, but none as close as this one today. The old paddle boat is right near the lot line. I didn't even take time to put on shoes and the grass was wet with dew, but it is all about getting the shot, right? I don't have a huge telephoto lens but I was able to sneak close by using trees and poles for cover.
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