Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Recent Photos

This is where we go almost every evening...or USED to.  It has been so cool this year we haven't sat here but a few times.  We had The Big Freeze right after we arrived.  Some areas are still getting rid of  dead plants and trees and trimming off the damage from that disaster.  Now here we are in another cold snap with a lot of rain.  The northern panhandle of Florida is looking for (shiver) SNOW.

We rose a little after 4 AM for the last ever night launch from Kennedy Space Center.  Actually we got up 2 mornings because of a scrub on the first launch.  I took this shot from the video  but you can only see a flame rising in the black sky.
This was an Atlas Rocket delivering a solar probe into space.  That launched on 02-11-2010 in the late morning.  Not spectacular but we try not to miss any launches.  The Cape is over an hour away by car but the launches are easily visible from the front yard.
Later that same day as I headed to the mall after some fresh furnishings for the newly painted bathroom, I had to come to a dead stop to let this guy cross the highway.  This is the first Sandhill Crane I have seen in 2010.  Last year I learned that one species of Sandhill is the Florida variety which never migrates.
Their babies are hatched here in Florida and if you see little ones those are the Florida guys.  The migratory Sandhill Cranes have their hatchlings in the North late in the spring and don't migrate to Florida until the babies can fly with them.  They do come in families but the babies are big and speckled by then.


SNOWBIRD said...

Love your blog and especially the name. I found it by browsing the net looking for a picture of a real snowbird (the two-legged kind) to put on my blog. Now I have another idea to list all the people who have snowbird in their blog name on my blog. A plus too -- you're from Michigan!!!!!

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