Saturday, February 20, 2010

Warmth and Last

Like Woody Woodpecker, you hear a Piliated Woodpecker before you see him. Besides that, all of our woodpeckers are hide-and-seek masters, moving around the tree trunk keeping the post between themselves and cameras.
A Great Blue Heron swooped in and took up in the tree across the bay...for a bit. As I was concentrating on the Grebe in the lake he dove, came up with a 12 inch fish and flew to the end of the lake. Photo I Missed.

This Grebe was just swimming along when he MAY have heard the click of the camera and off he went!
Just swimming along.
We have been watching this nest for 5 years.  The first two the nest was built and used by a pair of Osprey.
  The third year it was a family of Great Horned Owls who enjoyed the view.  Last year the Osprey were back.  This year there wasn't a stick of the nest that remained after some high winds, but the "Fish Eagle" family rebuilt it better than ever in just 2 days. 



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