Thursday, February 18, 2010


Several years ago I tried to grow an orchid in Michigan, but it just died.  Then I took home a pot of "ground orchids" which are quite hardy in Florida...almost a weed.  Nope...didn't make it.

Last year R gave me a nice potted orchid for Valentines Day and I bought a book.  By the time we headed back to Michigan the blooms were fading.  I also took back a pot with some little pieces I found under the bushes at my neighbor's vacent house.  The plants were potted in real orchid pots in good orchid potting mix.  I couldn't find any orchid plant food in Michigan and left my book in Florida but I did remember that they thrive on neglect and need filtered sun and to be watered and drained once a week.  Any Michigan temps below 50 degrees and I brought the orchids into the sun room (S and E exposures).
By the time we returned to Florida two of the orchids were in bloom and I was NOT about to abandon them.  One stalk was broken in the transport, but the other, the collection from under the bushes, was in fine shape.  I think all of the plants, especially the one blooming, are ascocenda.

Since then I have added two more pots.  One is a white phalaenopsis I purchased at a local nursery.  
The other new plant is actually two plants in one pot.  One is white and one is lavender; both are phalaenopsis
Now the original phalaenopsis with the broken stalk is sending up a strong flower stalk from just below the break.  I think I am ready to look for some plants a little different.  Maybe even a cattleya or vanda.


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