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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why Do I Do This to Myself?????

Tomorrow I will start the task of packing for 4 months in Florida.  By now it SHOULD be just an overnight bag,
But then there are the electronics:
  • big designing laptop with power pack and cooling pad in its own huge backpack with mouse and pad
  • Bamboo drawing pad for the laptop
  • mini-Laptop with power pack and case and mini-back-up
  • Kindle Fire with charger, ear buds, cover and case
  • a one-tere-byte external hard drive with my photos and design elements on it in a gun case
  • an i-Pod with charger and ear buds in a case
  • an MP-3 player with charger and ear buds in a case
  • my "big-girl"camera, 4 lenses, extra cards and batteries, field case, camera case, and equipment bag
  • my purse camera with case full of batteries and cards
  • cell phone with chargers
  • A bunch of converters so I can use the above equipment in the car while we are on the road
  • the wireless printer with it own bag and bag for the power-pack
  • Charging station for many of the above items
  • 6 thumb drives of various sizes
  • card reader for the CF cards my big camera uses

Non electronics include:
  • 2012 Deluxe Planner
  • Address and date book
  • The last of the prescription meds, since I didn't get to a Dr. this year to get new prescriptions
  • reading glasses, and bi-focal sun glasses
  • Side-sleeper pillow
  • my orchid plants in a plastic container with bark-medium

And for the journey:
  • electric car fridge with food
  • thermo bag with drinks
  • a matching bag with plates, napkins, plasticwear
  • blanket and neck pillow for my on-the-road snoozes
  • my purse with money, credit and other cards, and photos of the granddaughters
Oh yes...and a suitcase of clothes I just MIGHT not have enough of down there.


Rosie Goins said...

You should see me pack my electronics in the camper for just a weekend. Every time I tell myself, don't do it; you just have to take it back into the house. But I can't live without my "stuff".

Have a great time in Florida.

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