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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Have to Keep Looking at the Date

India River Drive - where we park along with lots of others
It was SUCH a beautiful day that we grabbed a soft-serve ice cream cone and parked along the river.  This particular parking area is across the drive from the city park and on nice days and evenings you have to circle waiting for a place.  Some people sit in their cars, some go walking with or without dogs, some go out on the boardwalks and just look.  You can see our silver truck right there in the first place. 
Great Blue
"MY perch and  you shall NOT chase me with the camera."
I love looking down into the water, especially at low tide like this time today.
Little oysters attach to everything.  Good to see them back after the hurricanes a few years ago

Sometimes my shadow is the only proof I was there.
Good informational poster

Amazing how few people understand this lagoon system.
Back in the car he was waving at me.  I went back and he pointed to a dolphin in the bay.  Once again, the pelicans were moving right to wherever he was.  It isn't that he is kicking up food...that isn't how Pelicans eat.  It really looks like they enjoy riding on the big dolphin's back.  2 years ago I did get video of this phenomenon..
They are beautiful and exciting to watch, but don't make for very good photos.


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Amazing pictures

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