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Monday, January 16, 2012

Go, Bananas..B-A-N-A-N-A-S

When we first came to this house in 2003 there was a big orange tree in the back yard.  It was old and did not survive the hurricane the following year, although we tried to fix it.  Since then I think we have planted 5 or more orange trees and one Key Lime tree.  Right now only one has survived and I don't give that a lot of hope.  We aren't here to water the trees through the summer, and can't keep up the insect control.
The banana grove is to the right of the palm trunk.
We also planted a banana tree. Now, to be honest, that was his idea.  I scoffed, but he has babied the little grove for several years.  When there was threat of frost earlier this year he called his sister to cover the little grove with a sheet.

Now we HAVE bananas!!!!
Green and still growing.  They are supposed to get "normal" size.
The little bananas are still emerging from the bulb at the base of the stalk.  I am just fascinated with the way they grow.  We are hoping they ripen at the right time for the granddaughters when they get here for Easter.

Look closely and you can see a load of little bananas just emerging from the bulb.
 He hasn't trimmed the dead branches yet.  They are just normal.


Greenfingers said...

That's exciting LL- no chance of getting these in my garden.

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