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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy
I guess I should look at this unexpected trip South in October as a broadening experience.  I am not at all sure I wanted that to include a hurricane.  This is one projection, the popular one, and it shows some effects on the East coast where we are. 

A few years ago this area was hit directly by Jean and Irene, two hurricanes 22 days apart.  Our town sat in the eye-wall of one for just an hour or so, but 8 hours in the eye-wall of the other one.  There are still signs of the devastation, many years later.  I do NOT want to go through anything like that,  Thankfully, we were North at that time.  It doesn't look like this will be anything like those storms.  A little rain, wind and high surf is all expected.  I will take pictures and post them here.


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