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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Witches, Goblins, and Surfers

Today was a day that I would most definitely not call boring.

First came a Halloween party at the Sundown, a restaurant where "Aunt Josie" goes dancing with friends every Thursday. I went with her a couple of weeks ago and thought the party would be fun.

I loved taking photos and no one seemed at all shy safely hidden in their costumes.  I feel absolutely young when I am with all of these merry senior citizens.
Angel Jo and Sister Irene
Front or back...
This is hilarious.
One person who usually sits at each table decorated for the party.
Another decorated table
Pretty and scary witch
Oh yes...a lot of dancing was done even if it was afternoon.
An impending hurricane doesn't keep diners off the deck.
Something about a tiki hut with Halloween decorations just isn't right with me.
Each of the two tour boats has a distinctive carving on the roof.
I think I like this one best.
The ships are safely in and didn't make their Thursday cruises.
Awesome swells!!! 
She is way too close to those waves!!!
Surfing?  Are you SERIOUS?
I guess these are the surfers who know what they are doing.
I was talking to a surfer on the boardwalk the others seemed to respect a lot.  He started by telling me to be sure to cover my lens between shots or I would find it covered with salt.  Then he told me that Sunday would be the best surfing day without the surface wind annoying us, and higher swells.  So I will get over there on Sunday to see.


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