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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just a Day in Paradise

Glassy lake

 When I took my cup of Mocha-Mint coffee to the patio the lake was like glass.  There were no birds, again, but I knew patience might turn up something.  An occasional large fish jumped and disturbed the surface of the lake. When a wind ripples the lake we can't see such activity.

See what I mean?  Mirror with an occasional disturbance

I took a moment to admire the banana grove.
This is the time, when nothing seems to be happening, when I can most appreciate the variety of tropical plants.
This reminds me of my Japanese Brush Painting class in the 60s.  I love bamboo.
Now WHAT was that?

The lone ibis
 All the while I was outside I had the company of one lone male ibis.  I believe the black tail is mating plumage. He would shove that long beak down into the sandy lawn and often come up with something long and wiggly.  It could have been small lizards or something else but I have never seen earthworms here like we have up North.

I watched little ripples start in the lake and wondered since there was no disturbance on the surface of the swimming pool.  But, slowly, the rain made its way to us and just made the warm coffee better.  The Ibis retreated to the shelter of the hibiscus tree at the corner of the screen house where he has been off and on for days.  In the winter the "herd" of Ibises count between 12 and 20.  Maybe the mating feathers are a clue to this lone bird not running with a crowd...yet.

The starfruit is ready to pick...but not in the rain.
 The only sounds were the rain and the serenade of a mockingbird.  This one has a totally different song than the fellow around here the last two years.  DO they learn different arrangements of song?
This fellow has a very pleasing arrangements of "Mocking" songs.
The rain is getting harder and it is time to go inside.


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