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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Biggest, Best Full Moon of 2009 least that is what "they" said. I didn't read it for myself. I always wanted a photo of the Full Moon through a palm tree. I used to draw that scene when I was in high school, doodling on my notebook. It was about 6:30 in the evening and the sky was bright blue a few nights before the official Full Moon but the shot was what I wanted.
The neighbor said he had seen the moon a few nights before, rising over the Indian River Lagoon between us and the beaches and ocean. So about 6:30 two nights later we drove down to the Rotary Club pier and boardwalk to wait for the moonrise. I should have looked up the time on the web because we had about a 2 hour wait. I can't complain, though. It was warm...I was in a short-sleeved blouse; the lagoon was beautiful; the tide was out; and there were shore birds to watch. A great blues band was playing in the outdoor bar across the street. I told myself that it doesn't get much better than this.

Our neighbor came down with his camera, too, and we waited as it got darker and darker. We noticed clouds around the spot we guessed would be the moonrise. then we THOUGHT we saw a lightening of the clouds. Suddenly there was a sliver of orange below the clouds, which had lightened from the rising moon.
The challenge was made greater with the tripod I was trying to use. I bent the legs around the railing of the walkway, and prayed my Canon DSLR didn't fall to the river below...or me, as I squatted down in an uncomfortible position to see through the viewfinder. The tall regular tripod I left down here did not fit the adapter I kept screwed to the bottom of my camera. I thought they were all the same! Now I wonder where the one is that fits the big tripod. I will probably have to check Vivitar online and just buy a new adapter.

As we left the pier our neighbor said to look back at the sight and take one more picture. I did and liked it a lot.


K2 Designs said...

Laura- your moon shots are AWESOME! OMG! I didn't know about it until it was to late here in Phx...sigh..ya did great!!!

Leslie said...

Wonderful pictures on your blog! :)

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