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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 01, 2009 Escape!!!

The weather was JUST turning nasty as we left the lower part of Michigan at 6:00 AM Tuesday. Had we waited even another hour we might STILL be there. Sleet through parts of Ohio, ice on the car (but not the roads) through the rest of Ohio, heavy rain and fog through the Smokies, and rain into North Carolina to visit family. Yes, not the best drive we have had, but the alternative behind us was storm after storm at home. By the afternoon of Day 2 we were feeling the warmth, seeing sunshine, and celebrating Florida!

After stopping for another family visit, we finally arrived Home-South after dark. Our neighbor came over and brought us up to speed on community and neighborhood happenings. By bedtime I felt completely at home.

The rate of overgrowth was simply amazing.  This was all neat and under control when we left last spring.
The jungle between our house and the vacant house next door had a star fruit tree buried in with jasmine and hybiscus. We only had 3 or 4 little fruits before. I looked in among the branches and knew we had a bonanza this year.
The fruit just fell into my hands, except for the dozen or so that were already on the ground and fermenting. I had no need for the clippers. Soon I had a box full.
We cut up some and enjoyed the pear-like texture with citrus overtones. There is at least that much still ripening on the tree. We gave some away...actually we gave a lot away. The rest we are enjoying SO much.
Later, we wandered around to check on the orange tree planted 2 or 3 years ago and the Key lime tree the neighbor gave us as a gift last year. the leaves of both are pretty well chewed up, but the Key Lime gave us a little plate of fruit...for pies, maybe.
Meanwhile, we are watching the heavy snow storms back home and we know we got out JUST in time.


Teresa said...

I love Star fruit. I want some.

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