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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Again

Bad News #1 - Southern Camera in Melbourne called that they had received the package from Canon and a note that they could NOT repair it. The parts and labor would cost more than a new camera. I asked the price of a new camera and, of course, the one like mine (2 years old) isn't being made any more so I would have to upgrade to one out of my price range.

Good News - An internet search turned up exactly my camera NEW through and to Cameta Camera in New York. I sucked it up and paid. It will have a basic lens, but I will have to wait 3 more weeks for my daughter to bring my other lenses down here to me so...bought it.

Bad News #2 - I checked the mailing confirmation when it arrived in my email inbox and discovered that the camera was being mailed to the Michigan address. MY MISTAKE, probably. I called UPS and found the package hadn't been picked up yet. Promptly at 9 the next morning I called Cameta Camera. The lady checked for me and said the parcel had been picked up at 4 AM. They could call UPS, have it brought back, and ship it to the right address. BUT they would have to charge me two more shipping fees.

I decided to let the camera go on to the house in Michigan. My son will grab it as soon as it is delivered, take it across the street to my Step-son who will give it to his buddy's wife who works for UPS and she will reship it to me. I might have it by next Friday.


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