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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sand Hill Cranes

We have had some young Sand Hill Cranes hanging about last winter and this. We wondered where they went when they matured because adults were just not here. The young ones are loud LOUD! They keep up their squaking even at night, making sleep with the windows open iffy.

Today while I was wandering around lookng at plants, there was an unfamiliar call coming from the sky. As I looked up I recognized the softer sound of an adult Sand Hill. It was circling and calling in circles that came closer and closer to the lake. Finally there was an answering call from the lake and the flying bird widened its circle and landed somewhere in the vacinity of the lake.

I heard no more. An hour or more later, I was searching for turtles on the little beaches across the bay. Woa! Suddenly I was staring at two adult Sand Hills. I grabbed my little Canon Powershot ELPH and went all the way down to the seawall without upsetting the pair. My favorite shot is above.

Now I can only hope they decide to nest near us.


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