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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Kind of Morning

While I was still climbing into my sweats in the bedroom I could hear the "laugh" of the Pileated Woodpecker out the window. This is the longest one has stuck around. For the last couple of days I have heard him here and there but haven't seen him again. I hope he is still around when I get my DSLR camera back (maybe Monday).

Then I opened a can of sardines for the gorgeous big white Egret in his mating plumage. I can see why they were almost extinct for those long tail feathers (for m'lady's hat, I read). Someone asked me if the Egret and Stork will eat out of my hand. I have no idea! I am more afraid of those long sharp beaks than they are of me. I am perfectly happy to set the sardines on a paper plate on the seawall and just watch from a safe distance...about 10 feet.

As I sat down on the patio with my bowl of Cheerios, I noticed a pair of grey squirrels playing about. They certainly are not unusual. In fact they can become quite the pest like they are in the city park. Several companies advertise that they wil rid you of these "pests". However, they are new in this neighborhood and I like them so I put out a bowl of cherrios for them. They are smaller than the FOx squirrels up North. Their fur looks softer, grey with a white belly and throat and white around the eyes. Makes them look SO sweet, but I know better.

Then I had to dip an enormous spider out of the pool and "encourage" her to take up residence elsewhere.

Well, the wildlife can't be ALL cute!


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