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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Fish Tale

Yesterday we noticed a very large and very dead fish in the lake near the seawall. It took a bit but finally today one of our friends positively identified it as a Gar Pike. This is a fish we do NOT want in the lake. It will take take food of the game fish and worse if left to breed. Where did it come from? Most of the fish were killed 2 summers ago with an algae bloom. If the DNR restocked the lake they certainly would NOT have introduced Gar Pike! My son-in-law, who teaches Aqua-Science /Agri-science suggested that the fish might have been dropped by one of the Osprey or Eagles as it flew over the lake. Maybe.

Later in the day the vultures found the fish, but just didn't have what it took to jump into the inches deep water to feed. It was funny, though, to see them pacing back and forth wanting SO badly to feed. When all is said and done, the dozens of turtles and the other fish will probably finish the remains of the Gar Pike within the next few days.


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