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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Assult on the Senses

One of the things I missed most about the springs right after the hurricanes of '04 was the scent of orange blossoms. Several mornings ago I awoke to a breeze out of the West that was so heavy with orange blossom scent I just sat up and inhaled again and again. Heaven must smell like this! For the last week the scent wafts in and out as the winds shift. How can I share this in the blog?

I can't...not really. My friend Judy said it smelled like Hawaii. I was never there so I can't relate to that. The lady staying in our neighbor's house for a couple of weeks came down to the waters edge and asked me what it WAS that smelled so sweet.

I missed that scent the first couple of years after the hurricanes of '04. Indian River County groves had suffered losses of most of the trees around the perimeters of the groves. The interior trees were so damaged that it took until '08 to recover. I don't remember the scent being this pronounced. Maybe it is the windy days we are having, or the trees just laden with blossoms but this year it IS remarkable.
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