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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A History Lesson

As our days wind down we are busy finishing tasks and errands we have put off all winter. On our way back from such an errand I asked if we could go over the Wabasso Bridge and check on the state of the new boardwalk at the beach right there by Disney-Vero. We crossed the bridge and he turned South on the Jungle Trail. We have explored the North part of the trail and found it rather boring. This South part, though, runs along the East bank of the Indian River and is much more interesting.

There are remains of some of the pioneer farms along the way. Most are now historic sites. It seems odd to me to call people who farmed in the 20s "pioneers" but Florida wasn't settled as early as other states. Here are a couple of other pioneer places.
Between the historic sites there are loads of luxury condominiums and homes on the East and some community docks on the West. So incongruous...tiny pioneer homes and huge almost-mansions.
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We finally made it to the breach and were delighted with the new boardwalk, bathhouse, and groomed beach. I hope we get over there early in the morning at least once before we leave. I have not seen sunrise over the ocean.


Becky said...

You HAVE to see a sunrise over the ocean. It's BEAUTIFUL!

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