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Sunday, April 26, 2009
A duck and a Sand Hill Crane in the same shot! Neither is very exotic to us any more, especially given the over-run of ducks in our Michigan town, but I couldn't resist the shot of the two together in the same frame. This is a juvenile Sand Hill so the plumage isn't the same as the pictures in the books.
This is a nightly sight...a turtle poking his head above water and looking at us. Kind of cute and we love it. Makes me sad that Turtle Hunters are allowed to set traps in this lake. So far we didn't see them at all this year. Maybe my standing on the seawall shouting at them the last couple of years made them think twice...or maybe I just missed them this year but Ididn't see the bright ribbons marking traps at all this year.
These neighbor boys (and their dad, maybe) do a lot of fishing in the lake and usually this egret is standing by waiting for his share of their catch.

Although this family is only 6 or so houses away around the lake, we don't know them except our observations evenings by the lake. There seem to be 4 or so children, and a lot of friends...maybe more. It appears that they fish, and one (or is that Dad?) is great at throwing the net. This is NOT an easy skill. We hear the kids sometimes but never is it annoying. They are active in the pool, basketball, fishing, and building some kind of poolhouse. As I said, we don't know them AT ALL, but I admire what I do see.

No photo for this one, but as I tried to go to sleep last night, I heard a definite footfall in the dry Umbrella Tree leaves underneath our bedroom window. I popped out of bed and looked out to see a FOX trotting past the solar lights around the screenhouse. What a surprise!!! I hope he manages to rid us of the opossum that gets into our trash cans on occasion.


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