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Friday, January 11, 2013

Adventure Day

 This week I saw a post about an estate sale with things that interested both of us.  It was South along the water at Port St. Lucie, about an hour away.  A few things were already gone, but both of us picked up some items we wanted at reasonable prices.

 Instead of the expressway home, we took Indian River Drive along the shore.  The scenery was so calming and some of the homes were beautiful.  This was the first we had been this far South along the water.

This section of the Indian River Drive ended in Fort Pierce so we decided to have lunch at one of our favorite places, Cobbs Landing at the marina.  The main part of the restaurant is in one of the settlers' homes.  The Tiki restaurant is added on and ALMOST open air dining.  Next to that is a lovely patio by the marina.  We ate in the Tiki. 
 Fort Pierce has added these amusing swimmer sculptures along their beach.  I think they are quite cute.
 On the way home we checked on the Flagler line steam engine being restored.  They are coming right along.  Maybe we will be able to watch it run one of these days.  Those are Christmas lights along the boiler.  No comment.
Back home, after a wee nap, it was time for the first Concert-In-The-Park of the season.  Many times we have had to miss this concert because of cold weather.  Not tonight!  The temps are hovering in the 80s during the day and high 60s at night.  Perfect for the concert and a lot of other people must have thought so, too.  I think this is the biggest crowd we have seen.


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