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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Busy time!!!

 This year I followed all kinds of directions for photographing your Christmas tree but I still didn't get the photo I wanted.  Just too many variables.  This was a new spot for the tree this year because the big brown couch takes up all of the old space.  I like it.
The granddaughters did well over 50% of the decorating.  I would be happy with just lights but it gave me a chance to pass on the stories behind the ornaments one more time.
These were the gift towers for the granddaughters.  It was a last minute thing.  Next year I will do towers for each Christmas Eve guest, but several family members already had their Keurig coffee makers, and I have no idea how to wrap Son-in-law's Sirius XM service for his car.

These are photos of my tablescape for Christmas Eve.  The chargers and napkin rings are from Lillian Vernon; the cups are from Big Lots; the linens are Martha Stewart from K-Mart, the napkins are from Longenburger; and the dishes from Meijers.  The snowman cookie jar was an arrangement from a dear friend several years ago and I re-do the fresh flowers every year.  The battery candles are from Woot!.
 My Fontanini Nativity Collection pieces are almost all from Ray Hunters Flowers and about 12 years old.  The granddaughters set it up and take it down, learning the names of the town characters, the shepherd scene, and, of course, the Holy Family.  The babe is not placed in the manger until Christmas Eve...they insist!
The younger granddaughter lost her second front tooth a couple of days before Christmas so everyone quoted the old song, "All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth".  The week after Christmas the two lower teeth also came out and she was teased about not being able to eat corn on the of her favorites.

Christmas Eve is our family celebration.  Christmas Day they spend with their other grandparents and we start taking down the decorations and packing for our trip South.


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