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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guessing About the Birds

A few evenings ago I saw the Great Horned Owl w-a-a-a-a-y at the top of the cell tower. That is one of the tallest towers around and to see the Great Horned Owl at the top was a surprise. The big predator was sitting right at the edge of the Osprey nest built last year. We never did see baby Osprey last year and I hadn't noticed any activity at all this year so I guessed that the nest was abandoned.

What did the owl want with an old abandoned nest? The Great Horned Owl and Osprey prey on each other. Was that it? Was the owl looking for nestlings or eggs? Was the owl looking for a ready-made nest for this year's owl eggs? Don't they nest in hollow trees?

Soon the owl flew to another perch on the tower and evening took over.

The next evening I checked the nest with the binoculars again, just idly and there was a head...a MOVING head, peaking over the edge of the nest. It was NOT a Great Horned Owl. It MIGHT have been an Osprey. I couldn't see the telltale signs of white and black around the eye area.

The mystery continues.


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