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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is how we got around Key West...electric golf cart for 4. It was more than a LITTLE cramped in the back seat, but we managed and it got around the streets far easier than cars or trucks. Traffic, not to mention gas, make this the preferred method of transportation. When the power is low, you take it back to the rental place and get another one. I think we had 3 or 4 for the 3 days.
We just HAD to do the tourist-y photo at the marker. This was early morning so just one other couple was there ahead of us. Later in the day they are lined up out to the street!
Breakfast: BLUE HEAVEN: Thank goodness the other couple was so familiar with Key West and love good food. This place was terrific! I could have eaten all of our meals there, easily. The coffee was the best I have had and my blueberry pancakes were made with FRESH blueberries.
There is a very colorful history to the and courtyard. The stairs lead up to a floor of tiny bedrooms...what was once a bordello.
This is the door to the inside eatery, but I guess everyone likes the patio. There is a bar, tables, and a stage with 20 or so chairs. Breakfast didn't have any entertainment except the roosters. The Jimmy Buffett song, Blue Heaven Rendezvous was inspired by this place.
After breakfast we went back to the Southernmost Point for some photos and a visit to "Louis' Backyard".
We stopped at one of the beaches and I was fascinated by this pier they are rebuilding. The piers extend way outside of the left edge of this photo. It will be AWESOME when it is done. I assume one of the hurricanes destroyed the original.
Pepe's! Our friend wanted to shop so the guys waited here with a couple of Margaritas. I wish we could have fit in a was a very relaxing courtyard with an amazing Bougainvillea.
Being Jimmy Buffett fans, we just HAD to visit the store and restaurant. Of course we had a CHEESBURGER for lunch!


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