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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Longer Road Trip-Key West

For all my friends and family, here is a little pictorial overview of our long-awaited trip to Key West...our Christmas Present to each other.
The Rain Barrel - a store and artists colony on Islamorada. We would have missed this if our companion couple weren't SO familiar with the out-of-the-way spots.
This is looking back into the shops and studios behind the store.__________________________________________________
The Wreck and Galley Grill on Grassy Key:
Best Key Lime Pie around. One slice is more than enough for two people.

Sundown is an EVENT in Key West. The Mallory Square by the cruise ship docks is a magnet for street performers, vendors, strangeness, and tourists. All are waiting for the magic moment that the sun disappears and everyone cheers. That also starts the nightlife as the crowd heads out for dinner and the bars. This evening the cruise ship Enchantment of the Sea was just leaving. Our first cruise in 1994 was on this ship.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Honest! We only intended to stop for ONE drink...just to say we had been to Sloppy Joe's. But when we got there they were preparing for the headliner for the night...PAT DAILEY. He winters in Key West, but summers at...Put-In-Bay...a huge party spot in Lake Erie between Ohio and Michigan. The crowd was almost all Ohio and Michigan people, like we are. We HAD to stay and enjoy the show. I plan on tuning in this weekend, too, as it is on live Web Cam all weekend. What a party, though!!! All those drunks chanting "OOOOOO-HI-oooooooo!"


Katie said...

lol, no one said, "Mi-chi-gan?" Boy mom you sure know how to do retired! :)

Beautiful pictures too!

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