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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunset by the Lake

This is our place down by the lake. It is just down little hill from the house and gives us a perfect view of the lake with no people around in view, anyway. We go down here at sunset as many nights as we can and sit patiently with a drink and wait to see what the birds and other life have for us. Last year it was the Great Horned Owls who entertained us. Years before that it was watching for alligators. This year, so far, no owls and no alligators. Truly, until Thursday it seemed that we had beat the birds down here. Now that the freezing weather has left (for good, we hope) the birds are back and active.
I just liked this photo of a Great Blue flying over one of the palm trees...So Florida!!!

This is no trick shot, and I didn't "Photoshop" it..the lake really WAS this calm at sunset last night. How perfect is this?

It is still a little chilly after sunset, so shortly after this brilliant display we went inside. We could JUST see the bright red sun through the trees, but not in this picture.


MKBashlor said...

It must be nice to relax and watch the wildlife. My cat Nashy introduced me to the art of bird-watching this year. I have had to replace the bird seed bell several times already. Had I known my cat enjoyed watching the birds so much, I would have started putting food out for them long ago. I really enjoy watching them too. It is a gift to be the one they choose to receive food from.

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