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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Around Home

Some of my favorite places to photograph are right around home.

 This was a photo I snapped of some white pelicans along the Indian River out on one of the many piers.  Every pier along the river in this part of the shore for miles was washed out in the 2004 hurricanes.  Most have been rebuilt better than before.

 Last night we sat down by the lake.  The property borders a lake with a mile long wild-life preserve island in the middle.  The North end is a bay that attracts some wonderful birds.  This guy was fishing last night and was still there when we finally went inside for dinner.
 This is at the end of the island.  I would bet those weeds hide a lot of life.
 Sunset is the real reason we sit by the lake.  On a still night we get a double view of the sunset in the reflection of the lake.
 There is no real way to describe the colors...and every night is different.


Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Love to see photos from around your winter home - and you know what I wish LOL LOL

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