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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Small Road Trip

If there is an excuse to do business in another town, especially one an hour or so away, we turn it into a road trip. Monday we headed out by expressway and turnpike to do a bit of business South of home. On the way back we avoided the "fast way" stopping at one of our favorite haunts...a Tiki bar on the water at a city marina.

I hve never really taken a photo of a pelican I liked. Although the distance to The Indian River Lagoon is less than a half-a-mile, it is rare for a Pelican to come to our little inland lake. Last year one decided it liked the neighbor's porch, a work-in-progress, in spite of the music he played as he worked. Silly old bird.

Here are some pelicans at the marina we visited.

Here is what we REALLY went for...Sweet Potato Fries!!! I never had them until a couple of years ago when we first visited this place. Now I can't wait for them to make their way North in popularity. I have had bad ones elsewhere, though, so be careful.


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